Chicago, IL

Thursday, September 29th 2022, 8:30 am

  • Geoff Ables

    Microsoft MVP & MCT

DYN201 - Portals to Pages: Working with PowerApps Portals and Power Pages

New to Power Pages and Power Portals? Have you worked a bit with PowerApp Portals but want a refresher or to upgrade your skills to Power Pages? This is the session for you. Power Pages are the new kid on the Power Platform block, and may eventually replace Power Portals. But both still exist. In this session you’ll learn the fundamentals of both Power Portals and Power Pages – and the role the Dataverse plays in both. In this session we will look at the many different options for information sharing portals, discuss the pros and cons of each, and help you to make an informed decision about your portal – including if it should be integrated with your Dynamics 365 solution or not. You will also learn how to quickly spin up a portal from a template, and how to customize a portal through a series of short demos that you can refer back to later. Key Takeaways: • An introduction both Power Portals and Power Pages • A review of 5+ portal options • Learn to deploy, configure and customize Portals and Pages • Portals, the Dataverse and Dynamics – the role each plays • Portal integration options

Thursday, September 29th 2022, 12:10 pm

  • Mike Schaefer

    Senior Developer at Protiviti

SOL05 - Modern UI Discovery, Planning, and Classic Transformed to Modern Movey-Groovey

Join Feeding America and Protiviti as they discuss the lessons learned transforming a classic SharePoint intranet into the modern experience. See how Feeding America’s intranet was transformed with considerations for external access, custom masterpage branding alternatives, and bushels of fun automating migration of classic page layout-based pages into the modern framework.

Thursday, September 29th 2022, 2:00 pm

  • Prashant G Bhoyar

    Microsoft MVP & MCT

DEV203 - Implementing Microsoft Teams Governance using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph & SharePoint

The adoption of Teams is skyrocketing, and we are seeing an increase in the Microsoft Teams sprawl. One of the methods to avoid Teams Sprawl is to use automated governance using Power Automate, Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint. In this demo-driven session, we will cover how to implement Teams Governance using Power Automate ( Microsoft Flow ), Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint. You will learn: 1) Microsoft Teams Governance via Automation 2) Automate Microsoft Team Provisioning using Power Automate ( Microsoft Flow ), Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint 3) Automate Microsoft Team Provisioning using Logic Apps, Microsoft Graph APIs, and SharePoint

Friday, September 30th 2022, 10:20 am

  • Treb Gatte

    Microsoft MVP, MCP, MCTS & MBA

BI302 - SharePoint, Teams and Power BI Integration Strategies

This session will highlight the rich functionality that you can bring to your business needs with the integration that is available between Power BI and Office 365 functionality. We'll discuss why you may want to integrate functionality and how to license for it. Demos will be: • Integrating Yammer, Forms, and Word into Power BI • Integrating Power BI into Office 365 Communications site, Sway, and into a Teams channel.