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SPFest Speakers' Podcasts

365 Message Center Show

Our show is a weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center - what is coming for Office 365 customers and what the changes mean for organizations.
We broadcast live on Youtube, as well as publish an audio-only version that often has deep-dives with other experts concerning particular changes.



Mark, Stephanie, Rob and Brett have joined forces to bring you 'Techsplaining'. Techsplaining is a pod show where we explain all things tech. Techsplaining brings you the points of view from an enterprise corporation, consulting organization for SMB's and an Independant Software Vendor.


Discussing Stupid

Discussing Stupid tackles ‘stupid’ in digital customer experience through tongue-in-cheek discussions and practical, real world examples. Hosted by Virgil Carroll, this podcast features discussions with industry pros while exploring the crazy things our consumers do and the bad practices we use. All wrapped up in some useful and sometimes sarcastic advice.


The Coffee Chat on Office 365 Adoption

This podcast miniseries by Sarah Haase and Daniel Glenn explores the challenge of driving Office 365 adoption at the organizational level. We examine the principles behind user adoption, outline why adoption must be treated as an ongoing service, and share successful strategies for hosting adoption events. You’ll learn practical tips for engaging users and building an adoption strategy for your Office 365 rollout.

Coffee Chat Podcast

BI Focal

John White & Jason Himmelstein cover some fun BI topics and give their perspective on  the Microsoft BI ecosystem.


Microsoft Cloud Show

The only place to stay up to date on everything going on in the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud world including Azure and Office 365.

Whether you are new to the cloud, old hat or just starting to consider what the cloud can do for you this podcast is the place to find all the latest and greatest news and information on what’s going on in the cloud universe. Join long-time Microsoft aficionados and SharePoint experts Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson as they dissect the noise and distill it down, read between the lines and offer expert opinion on what is really going on. Just the information … no marketing … no BS, just two dudes telling you how they see it.


Bob German's YouTube Channel

Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I share videos about developing on Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Although I am a Microsoft employee, the information in these videos may or may not represent the official position of Microsoft.


April Dunnam's YouTube Channel

April Dunnam focuses on no filler, just killer video content. Whether you want to learn how to build solutions with no code/low code and the Power Platform or you’re looking for SharePoint, M365 and Azure tips and tricks, April’s YouTube channel offers short and concise technical tutorials to get you started developing apps, no matter what your technical background is.